Benjamin Vallé Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Guitarist Benjamin Vallé was the founder of the Swedish post-punk band Viagra Boys; the cause of death was not disclosed

Guitarist Benjamin Vallé, founder of the Swedish post-punk band Viagra Boys, died this Wednesday, 27, at 47 years of age. The news was announced by the group’s social networks and the cause of death was not disclosed.

“It is such a sadness to say that our dear friend and founding member of Viagra Boys, Benjamin, has passed away,” wrote the Viagra Boys Instagram post. “Benjamin was loving and kind, and the sweet memories we have together are countless,” he continued.

The group continued the tribute to the former teammate: “We couldn’t stop crying while we saw pictures of him, but we also laughed because he was one of the funniest and dumbest people we had the pleasure to meet.”

Benjamin Vallé previously performed in hardcore group Nine, which released five albums between 1996 and 2007. Viagra Boys were formed in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2015, and together they released three EPs and two albums, Street Worms (2018) and Welfare Jazz (2021).

Check out the post below. The information is from the NME :

In their tribute to their missing partner, the Viagra Boys also reported that “Benjamin or ‘benis’ as we knew him brought laughter and happiness wherever he went and we will cherish the memories we have of when we traveled the world together. Benjamin, we love you with all our hearts. , the Viagra Boys would have been nothing without you. This planet just lost one of the best. Hopefully, you are somewhere in space telling bad jokes to an alien. Goodnight sweet boy. We will love you forever. Raise your glasses for Benis. That’s what he would have wanted. ”

In another message the singer Sebastian Murphy wrote in Swedish, “rest in peace my beloved Benjamin. I will love you forever wonderful man. See you in the cosmos”.

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