Barry Ryan Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Not all musicians can boast of having created a great success that crossed borders and became their great hallmark. Barry Ryan did it with Eloise, a song he popularized in 1968 and which led to world fame. Barry Ryan, who has died of lung disease aged 72, leaving a great trajectory, shared, to a large extent, with his brother Paul Ryan.

We heard the sad news through his friend Cat Stevens, who has used his Facebook account to say goodbye to him in a very emotional way. “A good friend of mine passed away yesterday, his name was Barry Ryan. Our time together began in the 60s when he and his twin brother, Paul, were poppy teen stars in tuxedos. He had written a song for them called Keep It Of Sight and we started hanging out. ” The artist goes on to reveal the details of his friendship with Barry: “Paul died in 1992 and now Barry has joined him. When I spoke to him recently, he told me that he was completely at peace knowing that he only had a short time left on this earth. His trust in God was solid. We will miss him. ”

Eloise was his best-known song, that operetta written by his brother, Paul, with which he sold more than four million copies in a year. In 1968, they had already abandoned their musical project together, a duo promoted by Frank Sinatra, which achieved some success with their own songs and those of others. Both were children of Marion Ryan, a British singer who made it big in the 1950s, so they always grew up with music at home.

After that enormous success, Paul decided to retire, since he felt that he did not fit in the world of fame. In addition, he wanted to help his brother, leaving the way free for him to develop his solo career. It was at that moment that Eloise wrote so that Barry could popularize her and achieve that success. Exaggerated, baroque, excessive … that’s how this song is over five minutes long and with an orchestration that left a great final result.

Here in Spain, we cannot forget the wonderful version of Tino Casal, who became number 1 in many countries and who elevated the figure of this artist so difficult to imitate.

He achieved a few more successes and retired from the music of the early 1970s to the late 1990s. He was also a successful fashion photographer. From 1976 to 1980 he was married to Miriam Binti al-Marhum Sultan Sir Ibrahim, daughter of the Sultan of Johore (Malaysia), considered one of the richest men in the world.

Cat Stevens, also a successful pop musician and joined Barry in the early moments of his career, has been the one who communicated the news through his social networks.

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