Asian Doll Net Worth (Updated 2022) Earnings, Salary

We know you are probably here to get in-depth about Asian doll net worth. But have you ever thought about how Asian Doll made a whopping amount of net worth throughout her career?

Misharron Jermeisha Allen, professionally known as Asian Doll, is the richest self-made American rapper. She grabbed attention by releasing her first mixtape in 2015,’ Da Rise Of Barbie Doll Gang Empire’.

Most recently, the rapper was in the limelight, firstly after the death of King Von, who used to be his ex-boyfriend. The media brutally accused her of being a fame chaser over his ex-boyfriend’s death, which led the rapper to depression. Secondly, she made to the headline after her arrest in New York.

What is Asian Doll’s Net Worth?

Asian Doll net worth is $2 Million. But, according to many predictions, they have predicted that Asian Doll net worth is about $2.5 Million.

While many sites suggest that Asian Doll’s net worth is $253.44 Thousand.

Before any one of you reaches any conclusion regarding Asian Doll’s net worth, let us inform you that no one on the internet knows the honest answer to this question except for the personage itself.

On the other hand, many sites have posted that Asian Doll’s net worth sits down between $3-$4 Million. But, Asian Doll’s net worth actual figure is missing from our database.

But, if we consider her additional revenue, which includes PR handling,  Guest appearances and other digital events, Asian Doll’s net worth might be more than $3 Million.

What is Asian Doll’s source of income?

Asian Doll’s main source of income is her profession as a rapper. Asain doll is lucky enough to make millions through her singing career; she ditched her parent’s pressure of making her do a simple job to meet expenses; instead, she decided to try her luck in singing. Moreover, her beef with her ex-best friends Cuban Doll and Bali Baby also drew the media’s attention to her.

How Much Does Asian Doll’s make in a year?

Asian Doll earns $161K a year through rapping. You might be wondering how Asian Doll can make $90K in a year.

Asian Doll’s annual income in 2021 was $25 Thousand, whereas else Asian Dolls annual income in 2020 was predicted to be $19 Thousand, and Asian Doll’s annual income in 2019 was $30Thousand.

Asian Doll’s monthly and annual income is one of the most asked and searched questions after Asian Doll’s net worth. Moreover, Asian Doll’s monthly and annual income is predicted to be $6k and $161K.


Where is Asian doll from?

Asian doll belongs to Dallas, Texas.

Who is Asian signed to?

Asian doll is currently signed to a record label.

Is Asian Doll still in jail?

No, she was released after a few hours of her arrest in New York.

How much do Asian doll make?

Asian doll makes a booking amount of $161K.

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