Ariana Grande Announces That She Is Engaged To Her Boyfriend, Dalton Gomez

The singer showed off her huge diamond ring along with some tender photos with her future husband

We thought that 2020 could not surprise us more, but we were very wrong. Ariana Grande has just released the bombshell of the day, of the week and of the year. And no, it is not another album or anything remotely similar, but it has announced its commitment to Dalton Gomez. Yes, you read that right, that Ariana is getting married!

The news comes to us only a few months after they made their relationship official last May. It seems that things have curdled and they have decided to take the most important step in their relationship. Let the wedding march begin!

Ariana Grande announces she’s getting married

The singer herself announced it on her Instagram (leaving us all amazed, let it be said) with a publication in which there is no room for doubt: “Forever and something else”, a caption that accompanies some very romantic photographs of the couple. And yes, there is also a photo of theboulder ring.

There are few details that Ariana gives us about her private life, so in the case of her relationship with Dalton, it has not been different. We know they started dating last February and they met because he was the one who got her the mansion he lives in Los Angeles (Dalton works in real estate).

At the moment we do not have more details about their unexpected engagement nor do we know when it will be celebrated, but considering how fast their relationship is going, we would not be surprised if one of these days they announced that they are already husband and wife. We will be very attentive!

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