The children just turned three years old.

Anna Kournikova does not use her social networks very often. However, today she reappeared in cyberspace with some beautiful images.

Kournikova is in a relationship with the famous Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, with whom she had three children: the newborn, Mary, and the twins, Nicholas and Lucy.

The great news is that Nicholas and Lucy just turned three years old on December 16 , and Anna has taken the opportunity to show how they have grown.

The former tennis player published two beautiful close-up postcards of the children, which were shared with her more than 1 million followers.

Anna Kournikova

The model has commented on the post with a concise number three . What can be seen in the photographs is the incredible resemblance the twins have to their father, Enrique.

Anna showed her children very proudly, and both publications garnered more than 300 thousand “likes” with hundreds of messages flattering the little ones.

Anna Kournikova

One of the messages that stood out the most  was the one that his uncle Fernando Verdasco dedicated to Nicholas:

Happy birthday to my little beast.

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