The contestant suffered from a rare form of cancer that she had struggled with for several years.

The contestant of Survivor (CBS) Angie Jakusz, has died at the age of forty because of cancer, her family said. 

Jakusz appeared in the tenth season of the extreme survival contest , called  Survivor: Palau , where her teammates nicknamed her No Fun Angie.

Angie made history on the show after being eliminated on the 12th of the contest, after becoming the first contestant to lose two votes  on the tribal council.

Jakusz worked as a bartender to pay for her passion for painting. Previously, she worked as an ink lab technician and also in a tattoo shop, another of her passions, as she had 11 colored tattoos.

Three years ago a fundraiser was organized on GoFoundMe to pay for her medical treatment. ” Angie has a rare form of squamous cell colorectal cancer . With combined chemotherapy and radiation treatment, this form of cancer has an 80% success rate among patients,” the petition said. 

She is survived by her husband, with whom she had been for nine years, Steven Calandra, her parents, and her brother. 

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