Amy Gregory Died: What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Amy Gregory Cause Of Death: “Some Hearts are too gentle for this world.”

With a gentle heart and genuine laugh, the girl dies at the age of 24. Yes, Amy was too young to leave this world. She was a warrior with a gentle heart; Amy left this world in the new year’s first month, leaving her resilience and strength behind.

After the demise of Amy, one of her loved ones, a close family member, has created a fundraising page. The cause of her death, which her loved one disclosed, was depression. Many loved ones surrounded Amy, but sometimes the light was not enough for Amy to shine all the time. She was suffering from severe depression and anxiety. But her bubbly personality indeed brought light to what can often be a dark industry.

Amy suffered from trauma at different stages of her life. She was also a victim of domestic abuse. It affected her mental health behind the closed doors; it was eating her from inside.

A few days back, Amy took her own life. The poor Amy was in pain; her heart and mind were not in her control. This life has become too much for her. Some hearts are too gentle for this world.

Amy Gregory belongs to Pontypridd; her sudden demise has shocked her friends, fans, and family.

Gregory was a glamour model with an adult chat television channel Babestation. She was widely known for her work alias Chloe Love.

According to her family, she had many fans and people who paid attention and genuinely cared for her. She possessed a bubbly personality; she was a highly vibrational person with a great sense of purpose. Amy was too perfect for this cruel world.

Her mother added, “Amy was a smart, ambitious, witty young woman with a gentle heart and a lovely laugh”. The conversation got deeper. She said, “She was just 24; at the age of 24, Amy had experienced more than her age. She was a resilient, strong, and beautiful girl who had overcome a lot of struggles and troubles. She knew how to make the most of her short life. ”

Her family, friends, and loved ones are going to miss her dearly. They will miss her laugh, perfect smile, cheek, humour, and bubbly personality. They are going to miss her aura.

Her family added, “However we will never get over losing Amy, we will carry on together by keeping her memories alive in our home and our hearts. Amy lives with us. We hope that wherever Amy is now, she feels at home, safe, loved, healed, and free.”

Amy Gregory Funeral:

Her Funeral will not take place today; a fundraising page has been set up by her family member or a close friend. The aim is to gather all the possible amounts to help the family with the funeral costs. They also aim to spread awareness for mental health charities.

However, more than £6,196 has been raised.

The page has been set up by her loved one named Maria. Furthermore, the page reads, “It is with a heavy heart that I put together this fundraising campaign, and I hope that by creating this fundraiser we can raise some money to cover the costs of Amy’s funeral and to support her family at this difficult time.”

While describing her character, she says, Amy was strong-willed, ambitious, and resilient. Her heart was too big for her loved one’s. Amy was also a pet lover. She loved animals. Amy used to live by her two fur-babies, Bennie and Blanca.

Maria updated us about her funeral ceremony.

Amy’s Funeral will be held at Glyntaff Crematorium, Pontypridd. Enough pay has been raised to pay her a beautiful funeral with her beautiful flowers (Pink) and her fur-babies Bennie and Blanca.

The Funeral will take place on Monday 24th January 2022 at 1:30 pm, followed by a wake at the Miskin Manor Hotel after the Funeral has finished.

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