The conductor James Levine, who for more than four decades led the Metropolitan Opera in New York and whose career was abruptly closed in 2018 due to accusations of sexual harassment, has died this month at the age of 77, reports The New York Times on Wednesday.

Levine died on March 9 in Palm Springs  (California, USA), his doctor, Len Horovitz, confirmed to the newspaper.

The American teacher has fired three years ago from the Met Opera following an investigation that concluded that there was “credible evidence” that for decades he had sexually harassed young men,  often early-career artists over whom he had authority.

Levine, who was then emeritus musical director of the Met,  had directed New York opera for more than four decades and was one of the world’s most recognized figures in his field.

In New York, he directed more than 2,500 functions

In New York, he directed more than 2,500 performances and expanded the musical repertoire of the largest theater organization in the United States with enormous success.

He was also the musical director for five years of the Munich Philharmonic and for seven of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, which he revitalized with great recognition.

Before the sexual harassment allegations came to light, the last years of Levine’s career had been marked by health problems, which intermittently took him away from the stage until he finally took a step back in 2016 and left the musical direction. of the Met, although he maintained a position in the organization.

That relationship ended in 2018 when he was fired as a result of the investigation into his alleged abuses,  for which he had been suspended shortly before.

Levine responded with a breach of contract and defamation lawsuit, although the two parties eventually reached an agreement to drop the court fight.

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