Rapper Alexa Alita aka “Lady of Namek,” Died – What Happened to Her?

Alexa Alita, the cover girl of ‘Lady of Namek’, from Tory Lanez’s album ‘Alone at Prom’, passed away.

Alexa Alita, a rising star in the music industry, best known for her creative work in ‘Lady of Namek’ and song from Tory Lanez’s album ‘Alone at Prom’, passed away on Thursday, September 7, 2023.

Who was Alexa Alita?

Alexa Alita was a native of Miami, Florida. She was a bright young woman with a promising career ahead of her. Sadly, her time on earth was suddenly cut short, and she passed away, leaving loved ones aggrieved and fans shocked.

Alita was a talented artist. Her charming personality impressed anyone who met her. Her mesmerizing persona inspired creativity in artists like Tory Lonez. Alita quickly entered the music industry and earned a project in Tory Lonez’s album ‘Alone at Prom’ song ‘Lady of Namek’. Alexa was incredible in her performance. Her magnetic aura separated her from all the other artists.

Social media are shaping today’s modern world. Everyone in the world has a significant exposure to it. Modern lives are being shaped into the mould cast by the influence of social media.

While it has drawbacks, social media influencers also play the role of life coaches, sources of inspiration, and good friends. One of the notable social media platforms that has taken the world by storm is TikTok, where people share all manner of content with the world. It is largely an entertainment platform.

Alexa Alita was no stranger to the world of social media. Alexa was active on TikTok and shared her carefully crafted glimpses into her creative life, snippets from behind the scenes of her work life, and more with the world.

She used social media to share her vibrant personality and passion for music with the world. She was a versatile artist, and her social media fans were the witness of her artistry. Her enigmatic social media presence was a testament to her talents as a performer.

What happened to Alexa Alita?

The details of her death have not been made public yet. An unconfirmed report says she died of a drug overdose, but no confirmed statement has been released to the public by either the authorities or the family.

Obituary and Funeral

The news of her passing was shared with the world by Canadian artist/rapper Tory Lonez on his social media page. An Obituary has also been posted announcing the devastating news of her untimely death. Her family will share her funeral details when they are ready. They are currently healing from their loss.


The Canadian rapper Tory Lonez paid homage to the late artist on his Instagram page, that said,

ALEXA … a close friend to me and so many, a beautiful soul, and the muse that revolutionized Alone At Prom.

 We laughed, worked, partied, and shared many deep conversations and moments.

 I should have been there to stop this from happening.

 It hurts more that I could not say my final goodbyes at your Ceremony of Life, but I Promise to make your legacy live on. You meant so much to so many of us 🤍

 May your imprint be stamped on the world forever as you Rest in Paradise

 S.I.P The Lady of Namek.”

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