Actress Françoise Forton Dies At 64

Actress Françoise Forton died at the age of 64 this Sunday (16) after about four months in hospital due to cancer. The news was confirmed by the artist’s press office to Purepeople. In the last few hours, Françoise’s health had deteriorated considerably. She was hospitalized at the São Vicente clinic, in Gávea, South Zone of Rio.

The actress’ last soap opera was “Amor Sem Igual”, on RecordTV, shown between 2019 and 2021, playing cabaret owner Olympia. The artist has been married since October 2014 to producer Eduardo Barata and leaves her son Guilherme Forton Viotti. In 1989, she had already faced a tumor during the recording of “Tieta”.

In the last posts on her Instagram, Françoise had mourned the death of her professional colleagues in 2021, such as Tarcísio Meira, Paulo José, and Luis Gustavo. Throughout her career, she acted in soap operas by Globo, Record, Band, and SBT, in addition to having worked in cinema and theater, where she starred in the play “Estúpido Cupido” wearing a bathing suit at age 58.

Among her most outstanding roles are the villain Eugenia in “Explode Coração” (1995), Meg in “Por Amor” (1997). Françoise also participated in the 12th edition of “Dança dos Famosos” and the 7th of “Super Chef Celebridades”, “Mais Você”. In addition to being an actress, she was a director of films and children’s casts both on TV and in the theater.

The only child of a Brazilian woman with a French man, Françoise Forton was born in Rio de Janeiro on July 8, 1957, and lived from the age of 5 to 17 in Brasília. During this period, she debuted on TV as Luna from the soap opera “A Última Valsa” (1969). In 1973, he participated in “A Grande Família”; two years later she was Marisa in “O Grito”, and in 1976, Tetê in “Estúpido Cupido”.

In Band, it was Rebeca from “Sabor de Mel” and Gina from the series “Casa de Irene”. She returned to Globo in 1988 as the Gloria of “Bebê a Bordo”. Then she was in “Meu Bem, Meu Mal” (1990, as Marcela), “Perigosas Peruas” (1992, as Caroline) and “Sonho Meu” (1993, as Gilda). Among other works, she was seen in “Labyrinth” (1998), “Uga Uga” (2000) and “Kubanacan” (2003).

She debuted on SBT in 2004 with “Seus Olhos”. Two years later he migrated to Record and participated in five soap operas and the series “Louca Família”. In “Amor à Vida” (2013) he gave life to Gigi. And in 2015, she was Isolda from “I Love Paraisópolis”. Then, she played Emília in “Tempo de Amar” (2017). In cinema, there were 8 films such as “Manobra Radical” (1991) and “Léo e Bia” (2010).

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