Renowned Journalist John Jairo Ocampo, Dies

The communicator, an expert in economic matters, died on Monday night. Several colleagues and former President Santos mourned Ocampo’s death.

The journalist suffered from a serious illness, according to Blu Radio, which was what led to his death around 10:00 at night.

John Jairo Ocampo had a specialization in Economic Law and Public Finance. He made a great journey through different media such as the defunct magazine Cambio and the RCN radio and television network, where he was editor of Economics.

The journalist, also a winner of two Simón Bolívar awards, was appointed press secretary in the first government of Juan Manuel Santos; in the second, he became the manager of RTVC.

Precisely because of his closeness to Santos, the former president expressed his sadness for the death of Ocampo.

“A personal, faithful friend and great co-worker. We will always have it in our hearts. A big hug to his family, “wrote the former president, as read below:


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