Mourning! Cartagena Actor Yorneis García Dies

Yorneis García, whom we saw in productions like ‘Los Morales’, ‘Diomedes, el cacique de La Junta’, died in Bogotá.

Commotion in the acting guild and especially among Cartagena people who have managed to win a place on Colombian television. One of his colleagues and friends passed away unexpectedly, he is the talented Yorneis García, whom El Universal learned that he had been hospitalized for several days.

Yorneis, who grew up in the Navas Meisel neighborhood and graduated from the INEM school, showed since he was a child his love for the arts, two in particular: dance and acting. His first steps were in the renowned Colegio del Corps. He also studied a Bachelor of Performing Arts from the Technological University of Bolívar in agreement with the University of Antioquia, which allowed him to be a teacher at the Colegio del Corps. 

Family, friends, and of course colleagues describe him as a person full of charisma and desire to get ahead, the latter was achieved through his short career, in which he had the opportunity to participate in national productions such as’ Diomedes, el cacique de La Junta ‘,’ Los Morales’, where he played ‘Pote’ Daza, winning the hearts of all Colombians with his interpretation.

” I can’t believe it and here you said it and what to do with all the unfulfilled goals and dreams? I love you my York, I only have endless memories crossing my mind at this moment and I stay with each one of them to infinity my Yorneys Merciful God receive you with all his angels … your departure hurts so much sudden. To your family a lot of strength … until always my pot dazaaa veee manito ”, wrote Yeimy Paola Vargas.

For his part, Elianis Garrido commented: “ I have no words! The only pain in my heart Yorkis! I’ll stick with your outrageous laughs, with your conversations about dance, about cinema, about Hollywood! God receives you with love! Force your family! With all my love, with all my heart I pray for you ”.

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