In 2019, the reggaeton, who has starred in some scandals, confessed to the program ‘La movida’, on Channel RCN, and said that his life was more quiet after a serious lung disease suffered by his father made him reconsider.

“My dad was very serious; it was one of the saddest moments of my life. I had a lot of problems, especially with my record labels, and all for being self-centered ”, commented the artist.

He added that he made a promise to God: if his father survived a high-risk operation, his life would change .

According to Roldán, God granted his wish and, according to him, gave him a second chance to leave the excesses and scandals that have marked his career.

The ex-partner and mother of Kevin Roldán’s son, Lina Arroyave, told Caracol Radio a few months ago that she no longer loved Roldán: “No, I think there are no reasons for me to stay in love with him. Well maybe there could be one and it would be because he’s my son’s dad, but he’s not a good dad, “said the woman, who is known on Instagram.