Jesús Martín-Barbero Dies At 83

Bogotá, Jun 13.- The Spanish philosopher, semiologist, and anthropologist Jesús Martín-Barbero, a renowned theorist of communication, died on Saturday at the age of 83 in the Colombian city of Cali, where he had lived for several decades.

“Goodbye to the great teacher Jesús Martín Barbero! One of the most important theorists in communication, culture, and social sciences. We regret the departure of one of the greatest leaders in this field. Thank you for the great contributions!” the Minister of Culture of Colombia, Angélica Mayolo, on Twitter.

Barbero, a native of Ávila (Spain) and based in Colombia since 1963 -where he obtained that nationality in 2004-, was president of the Latin American Association for Communication Research and a member of the Scientific Committee of Infoamérica, among other positions.

The Spanish-Colombian academic was a doctor of philosophy, a semiologist, an anthropologist, and an expert in research on culture and theories of communication in the media.

Among his works, which are studied in communication faculties around the world, appear  “Comunicación Masiva”, “Discurso y Poder”, “Televisión and Melodrama”, “Mapas Nocturnos y Pre-textos: Conversations about communication and their contexts”, as well as “From the Media to Mediations”.

He also served as a teacher at universities in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Germany, Spain, the United States, and England, as well as being recognized as an emeritus professor at five Latin American universities and distinguished with five Honoris Causa doctorates.

He also founded in 1975 the Social Communication curriculum and the academic unit of the Universidad del Valle.

“Today we bid farewell to Jesús-Martin Barbero (1937-2021), a unique thinker of communication, culture, and social sciences, standing up and with applause. The promoter of the @UnivalleCol School of Social Communication”, expressed on Twitter the Secretary of Culture of Cali.

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