‘Influencer’ Yeferson Cossio Suffered An Accident

Renowned influencer Yeferson Cossio, famous for having breasts implanted to fulfill a bet, had an accident and apparently won’t be able to walk for several months.

Through his Instagram stories, the content creator said that he suffered an accident this Wednesday and that he had to undergo surgery, as he had several serious injuries.

“Unfortunately this is not one of my jokes. In the early morning, I suffered a strong accident. Bad weed never dies, “wrote the ‘influencer’ as soon as he woke up after exiting the operation.
Although he did not reveal what exactly happened to him, Yeferson Cossio pointed out that life continues and that he hopes to recover as soon as possible. “Wheelchair challenges and jokes are coming,” he added.

Cintia Cossio, sister of the Antioqueno who got implants in early March, shared some videos on her Instagram account from the hospital, where you can see the content creator with his legs completely bandaged.

Yeferson Cossio

Yeferson Cossio wants to sponsor a boy who was born without limbs
This week, before the accident, the ‘influencer’ visited one of the most popular neighborhoods in Medellín to deliver some markets to several families, as he had previously promised.

During the event, the Antioqueño shared with all the children of the community. However, there was one little boy in particular who caught his eye because he was born without limbs.

“I don’t even want to imagine everything that will have to happen in his life. This world is rotten. I’m going to ask your parents to let me be your godfather. I would love to be in the future of this beautiful boy ”, he emphasized.


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