Colombian Writer Germán Castro Caycedo Dies At 81

Born in Zipaquirá on March 3, 1940, Germán Castro Caycedo was a Colombian writer and chronicler. His works stood out around the world thanks to the testimonies about the reality of Colombia.

As reported by Noticias Caracol, the journalist died at home due to a fight against cancer and it was his wife who confirmed his death in an interview with Blu Radio.

With more than 25 written works, Castro Caycedo managed to obtain several recognitions throughout his career, such as the Simón Bolívar National Journalism Award (1976), Latin America SIP Mergenthaler Award (1974), “Premio a la Vida y Obra de un Journalist ” (2015), among others.

In 1967 he began working for the newspaper El Tiempo as a chronicler, which allowed him to spend more than a decade traveling around the country and the world, telling those stories that characterized him throughout his career.

In an interview with El Espectador and written by Isabel López Giraldo, the writer spoke about his craft and the way in which for him, writing gave meaning to his life. “Writing a chronicle is narrating. Narrate life, tell stories, but tell them well. To tell well is to advance over the high peaks of the stories: to go from one intense moment to another: they are called “climaxes”, and if they link with each other, something called “rhythm” appears, and if the rhythm is achieved, the reader is yours. And in front of the rhythm, the contrast must appear. It is that life is a permanent contrast: life and death, love and hate. And beyond the contrast is time. How long did it take during that sunset? That time must be savored in detail: it is called dramatic time management, ”said Castro Caycedo.

Some of his most recognized works were Mi alma se la dejó al diablo (1982), El Karina (1985), El Hueco (1988), El Cachalandrán Amarillo, (1989), El Huracán (1992), and La Bruja (1994). among many other pieces that were, are and will be valuable for Colombian journalism and literature.

In addition to working as a journalist and writer, in 1976 he joined the production company RTI Televisión and directed the weekly program “Enviado Especial” for 20 years, which made a difference on Colombian television by being the first space dedicated to reporting journalism. This show led him to win the National APE Award for Best Television Show.

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