The event, which happened in the Pontevedra sector, in the west of the capital, is under investigation.

On the night of this Monday, March 8, in a residential complex in Pontevedra, an apparent accident was reported that ended the life of a minor. According to the authorities, a 12-year-old boy fell from the 18th floor at around 10 at night.

Colonel Julio Cesar Salgar, inspection and surveillance officer of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, said on the La Cariñosa station that the unfortunate case was presented at around 10:00 pm on Calle 86 A with Carrera 69 T of the S anta Rosa sector. Suba town, close to the Titán Plaza Shopping Center and the Arzobispo river channel.

The event was recorded when the family made a call to the 123 emergency line to ask for help, in response to the call, paramedics from the district health service arrived in an ambulance on the outskirts of the Solárium Residential Complex of Pontevedra to try to revive the child. but due to the severity of the trauma caused by the fall, he died.

Due to the strange event, criminalistics units of the CTI Technical Investigation Corps of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation arrived at the site in the mobile laboratory, to carry out the inspection and transfer of the corpse to the headquarters of the Institute of Legal Medicine.

Colonel Salgar told CityTv that rigorous investigations are being carried out to establish the cause of the fall that caused the death of the minor. In addition, the authorities confirmed that, so far, what is known is that the minor was in the company of his relatives in the apartment.

“It is a matter of investigation that the minor falls from an 18th floor. Unfortunately, he loses his life. The facts are investigated to arrive at clarifications ”, assured Julio César Salgar.

Another case

A similar accident occurred with a 14-month-old baby who died when he fell through a fourth-floor window in a tenancy in the town of Engativá, in the northwestern part of the country’s capital, and hit the platform on the first floor. , on January 11, 2021.

Major Miller Rojas, commander of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, pointed out that the unfortunate tragedy occurred around 6:00 am in the Villa Cristina sector of the Quirigua neighborhood.

According to the investigations carried out by members of the institution, the boy’s father arrived at the premises very tired after working at night and early morning caring in a nearby parking lot, and after giving his son a bottle and changing his diaper, he he fell asleep.

At that moment the child stood on a mattress and leaned against the walls reaching the window that was attached to the bed, and when he tried to look out, he went into the void without the father noticing. Despite the fact that the boy was left alive, he died in hospital from the beatings he received.

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