Barranquilla Singer Manuel ‘Many’ Pérez Dies Of Covid-19

Recently the artist was promoting a musical theme.

The salsa singer Manuel ‘Many’ Pérez Guardo died this Wednesday at the age of 58 after registering complications associated with covid-19.

The Barranquilla artist, remembered for the song ‘Color piel’, was promoting his most recent musical single that he released on April 7 in honor of the ‘Barranquilla Woman’.

Víctor Buelvas, promoter of the artist with whom he managed to publicize the theme ‘Color piel’ lamented the loss of the artist.

“I met my great friend Many because he was introduced to me by the announcer Javier Echeverry. On any given day they came to show me the song and as soon as I heard it I knew there was a lot of talent there, from that day I became its promoter ”, says Buelvas, who has worked alongside the artist since 2018 to date.

The artist leaves songs like ‘Se prendió’, which was released in 2019 and aimed to have a place in the nominees for the  Golden Congo of the Barranquilla Carnival 2019; and ‘Quiero Cantá un vallenato’, a song dedicated to the Vallenato Festival where it mentions great artists of this folklore.

“I remember with great nostalgia an anecdote that happened to me with him. Once a man came to look for us very hard because the bride had asked him to find the interpreter of ‘Skin Color’ because that was the wedding gift, but they did not know who the singer was. We went and encouraged that party with  Orchestra Sensation,  the bride was very happy ”, recalls promoter Víctor Buelvas.

During his career years, he was compared to the talent of great artists such as  Maelo Ruíz, according to his promoter. He affirms that they sometimes called the stations to identify the artist who “delighted them with his voice, but that many people did not know.”

“I have the best moments of my great friend,  El Concord cries for him because I know he was an excellent person, a great artist, and a good husband,” he concludes.

The artist lived with his wife in the  El Concord neighborhood of  Malambo and leaves behind four daughters.

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