At Least 43 Injured After A Car Bomb Explosion In Western Colombia

At least 43 people have been injured as a result of the explosion this Friday of a car loaded with explosives in the vicinity of the Mayor’s Office of Corinto, municipality of the department of Cauca, located in western Colombia, in an attack that the Colombian Government has attributed to the so-called ‘Dagoberto Ramos’ column, a dissident group of the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

“What has been established in this first census of the Ministry of Health (of the municipality) is that there are 43 affected people who are being treated in hospital centers,” said the Minister of Defense, Diego Molano, in the early hours of this Saturday, after an extraordinary security council in the city of Popayán (capital of Cauca). The official said that among those affected there are “17 due to stunning, 20 with minor injuries and there are six seriously injured, two of them being treated in Cali (Valle del Cauca, southwest) and the other four were transferred to Santander de Quilichao (Cauca) “.

The minister added that “this indiscriminate terrorist attack against the civilian population and in this case against a public institution such as the Mayor’s Office, is an insane and terrorist act”, which, he assured, “is attributable to the column ‘Dagoberto Ramos’ and in particular aliases ‘Cejas’ and aliases ‘David’ or ‘Cholinga’, “said Molano at the end of the extraordinary security council.

Likewise, the minister has offered a reward for those who provide information on those responsible for the attack.”We have also had the discussion, in this extraordinary council, of raising a reward of up to 200 million pesos (50,000 euros) for those citizens who disclose information related to these leaders, alias’ Cejas’ and alias’ David ‘o’ Cholinga, ‘”he added.

Later, the Colombian president himself, Iván Duque, promised that “we are going to destroy that Dagoberto Ramos completely.” “These cowardly acts against the community are unforgivable, they only have one way left, they submit or we will confront them with force and they will be brought to justice or they will fall into military operations,” he warned.

In addition, Duque has accused the guerrilla leader ‘Iván Márquez’ for broadcasting videos from Venezuela to intimidate Colombia, but “they are not revolutionaries at all. They are criminals, criminals, terrorists,” he added.

“In this country there is nothing that justifies a homicide, a kidnapping, the recruitment of minors or acts like this. Those who commit these acts are criminals and criminals, no revolutionaries,” he said. The mayor of the municipality was not at the scene of the events, because she was at a meeting of leaders of Cauca and that, given the seriousness of the events, she is already in Corinto, as Secretary Rivera assured.

The ‘mobile column Dagoberto Ramos’ is one of the dissidents of the dissolved FARC, which this Friday commemorated the 13th anniversary of the death of one of its founders, the historic Pedro Antonio Marín, ‘Tirofijo’.

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