Exatlón Estados Unidos: This Was The Debut Of Rodrigo Romeh

Rodrigo Romeh

During his first circuit, he faced Jimmy Vélez of the team of contenders who, like Rodrigo, joined the fourth season of Exatlón United States Although just a few days ago we met the champions of the fourth season of Extalón México, the American edition of this reality show has only a few weeks since its fourth … Read more

24kGoldn Net Worth [2022] Biography, Age, Height, And More

24kGoldn Net Worth

24kGoldn Net Worth: Golden Landis Von Jones, known as 24kGoldn, is an American rapper. He was born in San Francisco, California, United States, on November 13, 2000. As of 2022, 24kGoldn net worth is $500 thousand. Full Name: Golden Landis Von Jones Also known as: 24kGoldn Birthdate: November 13, 2000 Nationality: American Birth Place: San Francisco, … Read more

Who is Mirna Almada From Exatlón Estados Unidos

Mirna Almada

Mirna Almada, who is one of the athletes of Exatlón United States 2021, a Telemundo reality show, is a nursing assistant in a nursing home, currently based in Odessa, Texas. She is a member of the team of Contenders, represented by the color blue, from the fifth season. Mirna is presented in the arenas of República Dominada on Friday, April 2 during … Read more

Conservative Senator Eduardo Enríquez Maya Dies

Eduardo Enríquez Maya Dies

Senator Eduardo Enríquez Maya, of the Colombian Conservative Party, died this Wednesday, according to that political group in a statement published on Twitter. “Today we say goodbye to a great conservative, defender like none of the doctrine and thought of our community,” wrote the group on the social network, thanking the senator for his service to … Read more

Mourning! Cartagena Actor Yorneis García Dies

Yorneis García Dies

Yorneis García, whom we saw in productions like ‘Los Morales’, ‘Diomedes, el cacique de La Junta’, died in Bogotá. Commotion in the acting guild and especially among Cartagena people who have managed to win a place on Colombian television. One of his colleagues and friends passed away unexpectedly, he is the talented Yorneis García, whom El … Read more

Barranquilla Singer Manuel ‘Many’ Pérez Dies Of Covid-19

Manuel Pérez Dies

Recently the artist was promoting a musical theme. The salsa singer Manuel ‘Many’ Pérez Guardo died this Wednesday at the age of 58 after registering complications associated with covid-19. The Barranquilla artist, remembered for the song ‘Color piel’, was promoting his most recent musical single that he released on April 7 in honor of the ‘Barranquilla Woman’. Víctor Buelvas, promoter of … Read more

Ana Patricia Gámez Announced Her Retirement From Television: Why?

Ana Patricia Gámez

The former beauty queen has been on television since 2010 when she won the Nuestra Belleza Latina contest. The US edition of Enamorándonos released sudden news for both contestants and their fans: Ana Patricia Gámez, the host who has followed the show since its premiere in 2019, announced her retirement from television. Her seatmate, the Chilean Rafael Araneda, … Read more

EXATLON 5 USA: Who Entered Cell Phones In The Competition?


little by little more is known about the events that led to the abrupt expulsion of two athletes and temporary suspension of six within the fifth season of Exatlon United States. There are many rumors about the causes that forced the production of the competition program to make this decision but so far, everything is mostly … Read more

[VIDEO] Denisse Novoa Clarifies Her Controversial EXPULSION From Reality Show

Denisse Novoa EXATLON 5 USA

The “Pantera” broke the silence about the scandal that linked her to alleged possession of drugs in the reality show Exatlón Controversy surrounds once again the successful reality show the Exatlón United States, after the expulsion and suspension of several participants, was announced after violating the program’s rules. Today, one of those directly affected, Denisse Novoa, … Read more

EXATLON 5 USA: What Will Happen To Norma Palafox’s Career?

Norma Palafox Exatlón

Does Norma Palafox see her career affected after Exatlon suspension? The soccer player was involved in an internal scandal during her participation in the sports reality show and her future, now, is a question mark. Norma Palafox spotted her stay at the Exatlón United States. The Mexican soccer player, whose letter belongs to the Pachuca … Read more